Emblema picta

------- Standard color painted Astrilde -------
Male: length 10,5 cm.

emblema3 (19K)

Front head :


Cheek area :

Red. Starting from bridle up to upper eye area, continuing till sides of the throat.
A good completion above the eye area is required.

Chin and throat :

Red. Cheek area, chin and throat are modelling a rang of coloring. Clouding is incorrect.

Back head and neck :

Brown, as well as the head and neck sides.

Brest, flanks and abdomen :

Black, a red line in the middle over the abdomen.
The rest of the segments are covered with white drop spots.
The have to be equally divided on the chest – sides of the chest and flanks.
This regularity is a requirement.

Back and wings :

Brown to deep brown.

Tale :

Brownish black, bottom middle tale feathers are red – brown..

Rump :

Red, equal color tint as the upper tale feathers.

Buttocks :

Dark grey.

Under tale feathers – anus :


Eyes :

Light yellow, surrounded with a yellow eye frame.

Legs :

Flesh colored.

Pecker :

Upper pecker black with red spot.
Under pecker red with light paling at the basis.

Origin: Australia
ring 2,3 mm.


Some pictures of a mutation with the emblems... :


yellowpictaback (11K)

Very clear difference at the paunch

yellowpictaback (11K)

Notice the difference with the red rump


This is a mutation which appears occasionally also in Australia and of which a few years ago “a friendly wind blew” some pieces to the Scandinavian Islands"

At this point in time some 20 pieces are available, as well males as females .